FAQ: Why can't I see my classes?

If you can't find your classes or access Classroom it could be that...

1. You have two user accounts.

It could be that your district has set you up with two email addresses. In this scenario, your D2L account is sometimes setup with one email address (i.e. @edgefactor.com) and your Google account is setup under a different email address (i.e. @k12.edgefactor.com). If this is the case, please contact support@edgefactor.com and we will merge your two user accounts for you.   

2. Your user account hasn't been given "educator" access. 

You should see the name of your district or school beneath your name in the top right corner. If you don't it's likely that you aren't set up as an educator at your school.

Org Name

Ask your school administrator to provide you with a Quick Account Code. When entered, this code will enrol you as an educator at your school.

3. Classes are setup under your districts account (D2L users)

If you are accessing the platform using D2L your shells/classes will be automatically synced to your districts Edge Factor account and will appear on the Classroom page. It could be that your "primary organization" is set to a school within the district. If you switch to your districts account you should see your classes.  

4. You forgot to enter your class code.

If you are a student, and either don't see Classroom in the sidebar or you can't find a particular class, ask your teacher to share a Class Code with you. When entered, this Class Code will enrol you in the class and will allow you to see the classwork that has been assigned to you.

5. Your membership may have expired.

It could be that your school or district's membership has expired. If you are logged into the platform, click on the gear icon in the nav bar, then click "My Account" and select "Products". If you don't have access to a membership, or it has expired, please contact sales@edgefactor.com and we will be in touch shortly.