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Who uses Edge Factor?

Students, Educators, Post-Secondary, Businesses, Workforce Development Groups - Edge Factor gets everyone in your community working together - that means all the stakeholders in workforce development.

Workforce development is a complex issue, with many community stakeholders at the table. The Edge Factor platform is built for everyone in your community to enjoy: students, K-12 and post-secondary educators, businesses, media groups, associations, job seekers and workforce development groups.

Edge Factor focuses on creating solutions and tools for your unique location. 

Based on our expertise in bringing community stakeholders together, many of these may start with an event in your community, and you can book an event for your community here to get the ball rolling too. 

When Edge Factor is starting to think about working in your community, we'll work to:

  • help you identify who the community stakeholders are,
  • identify the challenges they face,
  • determine what active role each group of stakeholders needs to play
  • make a Community Action Plan to help your area move the workforce development in unprecedented ways.

In every Community Action Plan, we work with Community Leaders to identify the unique local needs of each of the following stakeholders:

  1. Community Leaders Stakeholders
  2. Family Stakeholders
  3. Education, Pathway and Training Stakeholders
  4. Business Stakeholders

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