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What is Edge Factor? How does Edge Factor partner with communities?

Workforce Development is a topic of discussion in companies and organizations all across North America - here's how we help further your conversations.

Whether it’s in a boardroom, parking lot, or on the shop floor… Everyone is talking about workforce development, and many are working hard to find solutions.

Delivering regional solutions to national workforce development challenges, Edge Factor has partnered with communities across North America to inspire students to pursue local career pathways, reach parents, and spark relationships between business and education in schools, companies, homes, and at events. 

Together with Workforce and Economic Development teams, we bring existing community efforts together to implement holistic strategies, empower schools and companies with integrated solutions, spark relationships between industry and education, host live events, and form partnerships with local leaders… All for the common goal: to provide the framework and tools that a community needs to tackle workforce development challenges.

The Edge Factor team’s “Listen, Learn, Do, Re-Do” mantra allows us to customize our solutions for each community.

We work in, and at times, re-do and course correct when we see ways we can build on regional initiatives, based on the unique needs of a community and the feedback we receive.

Our 3-pronged approach Edge Factor 

1. Strategic Planning: 

Every community is unique. Edge Factor partners with Community Leaders to understand the workforce development challenges your community stakeholders face, and create strategic, integrated solutions and action plans, catered to meet your needs.

The ingredients for these strategies include community access to Edge Factor’s platform, Live Events, producing local multimedia content to tell your community’s stories, and empowering your leaders to monitor and track the metrics of these strategies.

2. Cinematic Storytelling:

Edge Factor uses the power of cinematic storytelling to inspire audiences. When students, teachers, and parents experience Edge Factor stories, hope is sparked, ideas are formed, messages are conveyed, and follow-up action is taken.

All of our stories open the door to more in-depth learning tools, as community stakeholders link arms in workforce development initiatives.

3. Integrated Solutions: 

Edge Factor’s cloud-based, membership-based platform delivers high impact media and interactive tools, designed for every community stakeholder to consume and contribute content to schools, businesses, homes, and events across North America. This framework is the solution to connect students and parents with local businesses and educational pathways to understand the careers available, right in their own backyard. 

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