What is a DPA and how do I sign it?

DPA stands for Data Processing Agreement. It is a legal document that governs the sharing of personal data between the data controller (you) and the data processor (Edge Factor). Our DPA is meant to inform and help you meet your privacy obligations.

What does the DPA cover?

The DPA describes the privacy and data protection characteristics of the Edge Factor platform, including the confidentiality requirements, the use of sub-processors, data breach notification details, the right to audit, transfer of personal data, data subject requests, law enforcement requests, indemnity, and data retention, return and destruction. It also includes a description of the roles and responsibilities, contact details for security and privacy communication, the categories of personal data processed, categories of data subjects, the purposes of personal data processing and the technical and organizational security measures taken by Edge Factor.

Who does the DPA apply to?

If your organization is using the Edge Factor platform and is providing personal data on behalf of people who want to use the platform, the DPA applies to you. 

How do we agree to the DPA?

The DPA is a part of the Privacy agreement that you enter into when you create a user account on the Edge Factor platform. 

Why do I have to sign it?

The DPA outlines the relationship between you and Edge Factor. It is meant to help parties understand their responsibilities and liabilities. It regulates the scope and purpose of processing, what data is processed, how it is protected, and more. 

In the sense of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Edge Factor will act as a processor of personal data on behalf of you our customer, the controller. Together we ensure that your users’ personal data is protected.

As the Controller you can decide the personal information that Edge Factor collects from or about students. Personal data is collected either by users creating their own user account, by your staff creating a user account, by providing us with personal data, or by the user interacting with the Edge Factor platform. Ultimately, as ‘data controller’ the responsibility for compliance rests with you.

I need a signed copy of the DPA

While our Data Processing Agreement is available online here, some of our customers prefer to receive a signed copy.  If you're one of these customers, please email privacy@edgefactor.com and we will send you a copy of our Data Processing Agreement, already signed by Edge Factor and ready for your signature.   

Your Organization acts as a Data Controller. You are able to determine the type and amount of personal data that we collect. You are also able to determine how your data is processed by choosing which features of the platform are enabled for your users.