What's the best way to onboard my students?

Should we use a QuickStart link or should each student have their own account?


If you're in a hurry, and don't have time to import your students, QuickStart is the way to go. It allows your school to create a link that, when clicked, will sign someone into our platform as an anonymous student. Keep in mind that, because your students are anonymous, we can only collect general usage analytics for your school.

Once logged in your students will be able to self-explore the content or view links that you have shared with them. 

Click here to learn how you can use QuickStart to share content with your students.

Individual Student Accounts

If you want to assign content, track progress, and view your students work then each student should have their own account.

How to add your students:

  • If you use this template to collect your student information and email it to us, we can help you bulk upload your students.
  • Contact us and we will help you set up auto-rostering with your LMS (i.e. Clever).