For Admins Only: Monitor Analytics

See the data on how the educators and students at your school(s) are using the Edge Factor platform.

NOTE: This feature is only available to Account Administrators. Contact your school's account administrator for access.  

STEP 1: Go to Analytics  

Once you've signed into the platform, click on "Analytics" in the sidebar on the left.
Note, the items that you see in your sidebar may vary based on your role.

STEP 2: Select a Dashboard

If you have access to multiple analytics dashboards you will need to select one. If not, refer to Step 3.

A. Organization Dashboard: B. District Dashboard: C. Community Dashboard:
Find out how users at your school/organization are using the platform. See how educators and students at the schools in your district are using the platform. See how businesses and schools in your community are using the platform.
 Visible to: Any school or organization administrator. Visible to: District Administrators Visible to: Community Administrators

Click the expand icon to open a dashboard.

STEP 3: Choose a Metric to Report On

When your dashboard loads you will notice several categories of analytics on the page:

A. User Activity: How many people are using the platform?
B. Organization Activity: How active are the organizations in my district/community?
C. Content Metrics: What kind of content have the users in my district/community created and how many people have seen it?

You can narrow these metrics down for a specific date range (all time, last 7 days, this month, etc). Refer to the "D arrow" in the screenshot below.


A. User Activity

B. Organization Activity

C. Content Metrics

Select a type of user and see how they are using the platform:
Select a school or an organization to learn how they are using the platform: See how people are interacting with content that you, or users in your community, have created:

Users: The number of users at your organization, or in your district or community, who have this type of user account. Users: The total number of users at this organization. Posts: The total number of  Postsecondary Programs that have been published.
Active: The number of users who have actually used the platform. Posts: The number of resources that this organization has published (i.e. Program, Career, etc.) Total Views: The total number of times that this content has been viewed by users.
Sessions: The total number of times that users have logged in. Sessions: The total number of times that users at this organization have logged in. Unique Views: The number of unique people who have seen this content.
Page Views:The total number of pages/items that users have viewed. Page Views: The total number of pages/items that people at this organization have viewed.  

Clicking the yellow expand button will show you how the types of users are using the platform.