How to switch between organizations

If you are an itinerant/substitute teacher, or work at several organizations, you are able to switch between organizations. Learn how to set your primary school...

1. Go to My Account

Begin by clicking on the settings icon in your nav bar. Then choose "My Account" from the dropdown.

 Pull Up My Account

2. Select an organization

If you are a user at several organizations you will see a yellow bar at the top of your page. This will show the organization account that you are currently using (i.e. Edge High School).

If you click on the dropdown you will see the organization accounts you have access to. You can switch organizations by clicking on another organization (i.e. Valley High School)

Switch High Schools

3. Begin using the platform

Once you've selected the organization you want to switch to you can now:

    Do you teach at multiple schools in your district?  Contact us and we will help you set up set up account switching.