How to login with Google

Learn how to sign in with Google and get access to your school or company's Edge Factor membership!

  1. Click the login button and select “Sign in with Google”.
  2. Select your school email and you will be instantly signed into Edge Factor.
  3. Teachers:  Click the Quick Code button in the nav bar and enter your schools’ Quick Account Code. Once your account admin approves your request to use your schools' membership you will receive full educator access to the Edge Factor platform.

    Students:  Click the Quick Code button in the nav bar and enter the Class Code your teacher gave you. Once your teacher approves your request to join the class you can complete your classwork.

If you have an existing user account that is linked to your Google email address, you can login and you will see all of the classes you've created, classwork you've assigned, etc. 

If after logging in you don't see the name of your organization/school/district in the top right hand corner, please email and we can help you set up domain mapping.

If you just want to sign up for a free user account click here for more information.