Can only the classroom teacher assign content? Can we set up someone to support the teacher?

Learn how you can set up classes on behalf of your teachers and how you can help them manage their classes.

As an administrator you are able to help your teachers set up a class. You can then add existing students or invite new student using a Class code. This will allow students to view the classwork that their teacher has assigned to them. 


How to create a new class

1. Open the Classroom page

Log into your Edge Factor account and select Classroom in the side bar. This will bring you to a page that lists all of the courses that have created at your school. If you are a district administrator, here is how you can switch between the schools in your district.

Classroom Tab

NOTE: Your teachers will only see the courses in which they are setup as a teacher. Students will only see the courses that they are enrolled in.

2. Click the "Add Class" button

To add a new class, click the "Add Class" button. This will open a window where you can paste in your class name, course number/ID, description, grade (optional), and a thumbnail (optional). When you are finished click the "create class" button.

Create New Class Window

3. Setup the teacher

A. Open the new class you just created. Then click the "Add/Edit Users" button.

AddEdit Users Button 

B.  Then click the "add" button in the "people in this class" section.
       Alternatively, you can access this page by clicking "users" and selecting your class. 

Add Students

C.  Using the "Manage People in this Class" window, find the teacher who is teaching this class. Then click the "set" button to assign the class to this teacher. This teacher will now see the class you just created in their "Classroom" when they next login.

Manage Users in Class 

How to add or invite students to your class

Click on "Users" in the sidebar. Then select the class that you want to add students to. You will be able to see the "people" in this class on the right hand side.

Students in the class

There are two ways to add students to a class:

A.  You can add existing students to the class.
B.  Or, can invite them to join the class using a Quick Class Code.

NOTE: If you are using D2L|Brightspace to access Edge Factor, students will automatically be enrolled in a course/shell when they sign into Edge Factor through D2L.

A. How to add existing students

i.  Click the yellow "plus" icon. 
People in this class

ii.  Use the window that opens to select the students in the class.
Add Students Window

iii.  You will now see the students you added in the "people in this class" section.

View All Students in Class

B. Invite students using a Class Quick Code

i.  Begin by selecting the class. Underneath the class name you will see the "Quick Class Code". Have the teacher share this Class Code with their students.
Quick Class Code

NOTE: Educators, if you want to view classwork as a student we recommend you create a new user account (using a different email address) and name it appropriately (i.e. JonR. TestStudent) so that you don't confuse your accounts. Once done, use a Class Code to add your test student to the class!

Instruct the students to login using their school Google Account or have them login by entering their account’s email address & password.

iii. Once the student has logged in, have them click the "Quick Code" button. Then have them enter the Class Code". Finally, ask them to click the join button. 

Quick Code Windo

iv. If you refresh the class page you will see the students who have requested to join the class. As an administrator you can also view pending student requests by clicking the "Users" tab on the Users page. After you approve their request the student will be able to view the classwork that their teacher has assigned to them.
Approve Student