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Just for Ontario: Grade 10 Career Studies Educators

Edge Factor has videos, activities and lesson plans created for Grade 10 Career Studies Educators to share with students! See our recommended content created for you in the list below.

Curriculum Alignment:

Edge Factor has aligned their content to the  GLC20 Career Curriculum! Here’s the link to view the content aligned to each of the 3 Strands in this curriculum: edgefactor.com/ont-gr10-career-curriculum

Top Recommended content for you:

  1. Industry Overview videos -  introduce students to what it’s like to work in each industry! There are 16 videos, 2-3 minutes each: edgefactor.com/industry-profiles
  2. Career Profiles Videos - showcase what a “day in the life” looks in many different careers and roles. You can choose to share these videos with a student by encouraging them to login and click on the “Careers” tab to view content by the industry they are interested in, or self-browse the full series of Career Profiles on this page: edgefactor.com/career-profiles 
  3. Soft Skills - Edge Factor has several series that teach students about ethics and employability skills, and what types of transferable soft skills come alive “on the job”. Click the “Soft Skills” button on your left sidebar or visit this page to view Soft Skills content: edgefactor.com/soft-skills
  4. Financial Literacy videos - help students understand and manage their finances with this 9 Unit series. Each Unit includes a lesson plan and 2-4 videos each: edgefactor.com/financial-literacy
  5. Virtual Workplace Experiences: Edge Factor has filmed approx 180+ virtual tours in companies over the last year and a half. These videos are 10-15 minutes long, and show what it’s like to work in different industries and companies: edgefactor.com/virtual-workplace-experiences
  6. Directory: help students explore schools, companies, and organizations in your community and beyond: edgefactor.com/Directory



If you have any questions, please feel free to email Edge Factor's Support Team at support@edgefactor.com.

Extra Help:

Here are the 4 key ways that you can browse the platform to access relevant content:

  1. Browse by Edge Factor's Series: edgefactor.com/browse
  2. Browse by Industry: edgefactor.com/browse-industry
  3. Click "Browse Content" in the top yellow bar to view Curriculum Aligned pages.
  4. Click the search bar in the top yellow bar to search by keywords.