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Your feedback fuels our team and helps us to prioritize new features, content and media, and Curriculum alignments. Thank you for walking this road with us. Your feedback means the world to us. 


1. Financial Literacy series
This series will be a 10 unit series to equip students to understand and manage their Finances. Right now, the first 5 units are live! Each unit contains 3-4 videos and a Lesson Plan. We are editing the remaining 5 units and will release them from now until mid-Fall 2021.

2. Virtual Workplace Experiences
The Edge Factor continues to film and release virtual field-trips with accompanying lesson plans! In the last year, we have filmed 140+  Virtual Workplace Experiences. These 10-15 minute videos provide an authentic look at what it’s like to work in different companies, and highlight what types of tools, equipment, skills, STEAM, and processes are used on-the-job.

3. Careers of the Future series - new episode: Automation & Responsible Consumption

Dive into the cutting edge technology used to manufacture Printed Circuit Boards. Qualitel's innovative automation systems encourage responsible consumption while ensuring that the aerospace and medical industries have access to the high-quality electronic components they need to keep their customers safe. Click here to watch!


1. Potholes series
We are working on a brand new series for Grades 5-6 to introduce soft skills and help students avoid mistakes made by others. In this series we talk about what NOT to do in the workplace - potholes to avoid. Each video is 2-3mins. Coming soon :)

2. Explorer series
Our team is developing a new career exploration series for Grades 5-8! Introducing careers to the younger grades will help students map their training and career pathway for high school and beyond. This series will include short, engaging videos that introduce what a "day in the life" looks like. Coming soon!


1. Google SSO (Single-Sign-On): Everyone can now create or login to Edge Factor memberships with Google SSO.

If you have a verified google email account, use Google Single sign-on (SSO) to log into our platform in one simple step, no need to remember your password if you are already logged in to your email!  This means, you can login or create a new Edge Factor membership using your Gmail account.

Click here for instructions on how to create an account.

2. Use “Quick Account Code” to invite users to your account.

The newest function from Edge Factor allows an Administrator to create a code to invite new users to their Edge Factor Premium membership.
- Step 1: On the “Users” page, copy and paste the Quick Account Code and email it to the teachers or students you want to enrol at your school.

- Step 2: Once the user creates their free account (i.e. via Google SSO), they can paste this Quick Code to request to enter your Class.

- Step 3: Review your user page dashboard to review and approve the pending users accounts in your pending user list.

Check out this Help Desk article for step-by-step instructions: Click here!

3. “Quick Class Code”: Educators - you asked, and we're answering!

Similar to how Google Classroom functions, the Edge Factor Quick Class Codes equip educators to add students directly into a Class that you create in your Premium Edge Factor membership.
With this new feature, you can:
1) Create a Class
2) Send your students a Class Code (i.e 1234) to enter on, after they login.
3) Accept them into your Class
4) Add and Assign content!!

Click here for step by step instructions.

4. Bulk Class Editor: For Educators with Premium Edge Factor memberships.
Refining the way your Users and their Roles are added to your Premium School Membership, Edge Factor is giving Administrators more control to
1) Add/Edit Users - Educators and Students
2) Add/Edit Classes
3) Add/Edit  the Roles of your team members.
For more information, click here!


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