How to login with D2L Brightspace

Learn how you and your students can sign into Edge Factor using D2L Brightspace!

NOTE:  If you are an administrator, click here to learn how to setup and enable the D2L Brightspace SSO integration for your school.


A.  How to login    

B.  How to add a login shortcut to your class  (Optional)

A.  How to login 

It's likely that your district has added a shortcut that you can use to login into Edge Factor.

  1. Open your D2L account
  2. Click on the Edge Factor icon in your D2L nav-bar (or look for Edge Factor in your "Resources" folder).
  3. When you click on "Edge Factor" it will log you into the Edge Factor platform.

If click on "Classroom" in the sidebar you will see any active D2L shells/courses that you are enrolled in. As an educator you can now assign content to these courses.

When students sign in they will automatically show up in the list of students in your class. Your students can then view and complete the classwork that you have assigned to them!

NOTE: The first time that you login you will be asked to confirm that you want to sign into Edge Factor using your D2L account. Once you click "accept" it will log you into Edge Factor. 


B.  How to add a login shortcut for your class

NOTE: This step is optional.  You only have to add a shortcut if your district hasn't added a login link to the nav-bar as described above.

The following steps show you how to add a login link and set up Edge Factor as a learning resource in your Course Content: 

1.  Begin by opening up your course

Log into D2L and pull up the course where you want to use Edge Factor. At this point you can choose to add this to an existing unit or you can create a new unit.


2.  Add a resource

Once you've opened up the course click the blue "Add Existing" button. 


3.  Select "external tool activity"

When you are asked what you want to add to the course, choose "external tool activity".


4.  Choose "Edge Factor" 

Choose "Edge Factor" from the list of learning tools. 


5.  Make it "visible" 

Finally, use the toggle in the top to make this resource visible to your students!


6.  Toggle Full Screen Mode

  • Click on the 3 dots in the top right hand corner and select Edit.


  • Select "Open in a new tab" and select Save.


7.  Test your login link

Underneath the unit (i.e. Week 1) they should see the Edge Factor SSO link that you just created. When students click on the link it will load up the Edge Factor platform in a new tab.

NOTE: The first time that teachers and students click on Edge Factor it will ask them to verify that they want to sign into Edge Factor using their D2L account. 


  • If you are signed into D2L as a teacher it will sign you into Edge Factor as a "teacher".
  • If you are signed into D2L as a student it will sign you into Edge Factor as a "student". 

At this point your students can either:

  • Self explore career pathways on the Edge Factor platform, or
  • They can click on "Classroom" to view content that you've shared with them.

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Click here to learn how to assign content to a D2L shell


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