Login options for educators and students

If your school has a membership you can add as many educators or students as you need. There are several ways that they can login...

1.  A school or company Google Account.

2.  By entering your account’s email address & password.

3.  Through your D2L|Brightspace account

4.  Using your Clever account.

5.  Or, you can could browse the platform using a QuickStart link.

Click here to view the types of content you can find on the the Edge Factor platform.

Option 1. Login in using Google

  1. Click the login button and select “Sign in with Google”.
  2. Select your school email and you will be instantly signed into Edge Factor.
  3. Teachers:  Click the Quick Code button in the nav bar and enter your schools’ Quick Account Code. Once your account admin approves your request to use your schools' membership you will receive full educator access to the Edge Factor platform.

    Students:  Click the Quick Code button in the nav bar and enter the Class Code your teacher gave you. Once your teacher approves your request to join the class you can complete your classwork.

Option 2. Login using your email address

  1. If you have an existing user account you can click the login button and sign in using your email address and password.
  2. Once you've signed in you can begin using the Edge Factor platform. You should see the name of your district or school beneath your name in the top right corner. If you don't it's likely that you aren't "enrolled" as an educator or student at your school...

      Org Name

    Educators:  If you know that your school or district has a paid membership, ask your school administrator to provide you with a Quick Account Code. When entered, this code will enrol you as an educator at your school.

    Students:  It's possible that your teacher hasn't added you to their Edge Factor class. We recommend you share this article with them. 

Option 3. Login through D2L|Brightspace

  1. Begin by signing into your D2L|Brightspace account. 
  2. Then click on the “Edge Factor” icon featured in your nav bar. 
  3. This will instantly sign you into the Edge Factor platform. Note, if this is your first time signing in through D2L you may have to “allow the Edge Factor app to operate using your account”.
  4. You will be redirected to the Edge Factor website and your name will appear in the nav bar. 
    Teachers: if you click on Classroom you will notice that your active shells/courses have been synced. You can now assign content to these classes.

    Students: click on Classroom to complete the classwork assigned to the courses that you are enrolled in.

Option 4. Login using your Clever account

  1. Click the login button and then select "Sign in with Clever".
  2. Select your school and follow the login prompts provided.
  3. This will log you in as an educator or student at your school.
Schools can also install the Clever app to make it easy for staff and students to find and sign in to Edge Factor. There are two apps to choose from:
  • Auto-rostering app all of your educators and students will be auto-rostered and listed on the "Users" page. It will also auto-import any of your classes to the "Classroom" page.
  • SSO app you, or your students, can sign into Edge Factor using your Clever login credentials. Your Clever classes will not be auto-imported but you can still create classes on Edge Factor.

Option 5. Browsing with using a QuickStart link

  1. Click on your schools’ QuickStart link. This will instantly sign you into the platform as an anonymous teacher or student. No username or password required.
  2. You can then self-explore content on the platform or view content that was shared with you

NOTE: If you want to assign content to your students you will need to log into an actual user account (i.e. Options 1,2,3, or 4)

Join a “Getting Started” Webinar

Learn how to make the most of your Edge Factor membership by signing up for one of our Getting Started webinars. These webinars will give you an overview of the platform, the types of content you have access to, and how to engage students at home and in classrooms.

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