How to login with Clever

You can log in to Edge Factor using your existing Clever Account by following these instructions

  1. Click the login button and then select "Sign in with Clever".
  2. Select your school and follow the login prompts provided.
  3. This will log you in as an educator or student at your school.
Schools can also install the Clever app to make it easy for staff and students to find and sign in to Edge Factor. There are two apps to choose from:
  • Auto-rostering app all of your educators and students will be auto-rostered and listed on the "Users" page. It will also auto-import any of your classes to the "Classroom" page.
  • SSO app you, or your students, can sign into Edge Factor using your Clever login credentials. Your Clever classes will not be auto-imported but you can still create classes on Edge Factor.