How to share content using a QuickStart link

Learn how your teachers can use your schools' QuickStart link to share content with their students.

Looking to quickly share content with your students (without having to jump through the hoops of importing them into the platform)? QuickStart allows your students to instantly sign themselves into the platform and anonymously self-explore and view resources that you've shared with them.

1. Begin by finding your QuickStart link

Click here to learn how to create, or where you can find, your schools QuickStart link.

2. Share the QuickStart URL with students

If you are using a learning management system like Google Classroom or MyBlackboard we recommend you paste your schools QuickStart URL into the class description. 

(i.e. “Use this link to login to Edge Factor:…”) 

3. Find content to share with your students

If you find content that you want to use with your students, copy the page URL and paste it into an announcement or assignment on Google Classroom.

(i.e. “I'd like you to watch a few videos on Soft Skills. Begin by using your QuickStart link to sign in to the Edge Factor website, then click this link and watch the following five videos.”) 

4. Track student progress [optional]

To track which students have clicked on the link (and have actually watched the video(s)) you can ask them the following questions:
    1. How has this changed your opinion/feelings?
    2. How will this will shape your future?
    3. What about this career interests you?

Note, if your students are getting an "Unlock to access" message, check to see that they first signed in using your schools QuickStart link :).