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How do I get teachers set up to use our Edge Factor account?

Once a school is registered with Edge Factor it is time to get all the teachers uploaded and accessing content.

All teachers must be registered with Edge Factor before they can login. To bulk upload your teachers, please contact us at support@edgefactor.com

STEP 1 - We will provide you with a spreadsheet that requires the teachers' first and last name, email address, and the name of the school where they teach. 

Please note: To ensure a quick turn around on bulk uploading your teachers, we ask that you not modify the order of the columns in the spreadsheet template.

STEP 2 - Afterwards, an email will be sent by Edge Factor to each of the teachers listed on the spreadsheet with their login information.  All teachers will be assigned a temporary password. Educators will be asked to change their password the first time that they sign in with the temporary password.

STEP 3 - Once a school’s Edge Factor account is setup, we will assist each school with assigning an administrator.  The account administrator will be provided with the functionality to add, delete, and manage new teachers, as well as the ability to monitor user analytics.