Fun ways to use the Edge Factor resources

There are so many ways that you can use Edge Factor tools in the classroom. Here are just some ideas.

Film Fridays/Movie Day!

Play a full-length episode from the Stories Zone to help showcase the maker spirit and reinforce concepts learned in the classroom all week. Can be used by Music Teachers, Art, Math, Business, Science, Career Development, CTE.

Take a trip Tuesday

Take your students on a virtual field trip and play one of many field trip episodes. 

Bell ringer exercise - careers

 Play a 3-5 minute Careers Pathway video in the first 15 minutes of class. Expose your students to a wide variety of career pathways throughout the year. 

Bell ringer exercise - technology 

Play a 3-5 minute STEAM Video in the first 15 minutes of class to introduce students to the technology and equipment used in manufacturing and other careers today.  

Watch the Reality Redesigned series 

Watch episodes in class and then create your own classroom design competition.

STEAM lessons/activities

Our STEAM Video correlates with your existing curriculum which has an in-class classroom activity and lesson plan - if you can't find it, ask us.

Download the discussion guide, work through the pre-video questions, watch the video, review the post-video questions, and complete the activity.

Sub Activity

If you have a sub in your room, give them access to the system to share a film from the stories zone while you are away.

Design your own project

Using our films as inspiration, design your own 3D printing or CNC machining projects.

For example - Watch Metal and Flesh.  Is there someone in your building with a special need that might need some sort of assistance device?  A school in Ohio created a special cart for a blind, autistic student to more effectively maneuver through the hallways.

Soft Skills Lessons

Head to the Soft Skills Zone and select a resource and download the discussion guide. Work through the pre-video questions, watch the video, review the post-video questions and complete the in-class activity. There's a lot of opportunity for students to bring in examples from their own lives with these lessons and to vote on scenarios: "would not do again" or "would do again."

'Did You Know' Series? 

Showcase various technology used in manufacturing settings (videos located in the Technology Zone)

  • Did you know robots are used in warehouses?
  • Did you know self-driving cars use LiDAR?
  • Did you know 3D printing is used to replicate body parts?
  • Did you know that welding uses math?

Job Interview preparation

Have students watch a career pathways video of their choosing. Students will make notes on what the individual talks about - who they are, interests, education, previous work if applicable, skills they do in their job, etc. 

Students can formulate interview questions and then go out and interview someone in the community who works in a job the student is interested in. 

Current events in Technology

Assign technology videos. Students can research examples of how this technology is used, in what kinds of businesses it is used, and how this technology is impacting lives (i.e., making the job easier, advancing health care, reducing waste, etc.)

Behind Closed Doors

Show the film Behind Closed Doors. Teachers will showcase TouchPoints from local businesses and discuss student reaction/assumptions about workplace settings, employee attire, the job that is showcased, how education plays a role in skill development, etc.

Pending the involvement of businesses in your area, students can explore products being made in their region and top sectors in their state and related careers. Contact Edge Factor for how to get your businesses involved in your local community

Connect with a local business

Students can connect with local businesses that have EF for Business memberships either in person or via skype/google hangouts/phone.

Students can help identify potential TouchPoints at that business.

Students can work with the HR team to write scripts, film, and upload TouchPoints.