For Canadian Grades 7-8 Educators

Edge Factor has videos, activities and lesson plans created for Grades 7-8 Educators to share with students! See our recommended content created for you in the list below.

Top Recommended content for you:


1. Skilled Responders: "What do you want to do with your life?" These videos feature real life people sharing what inspired them to launch their training and career pathways, and introduce students to industries:

  • Video Run time: 2-3 mins

2. Reality Redesigned: In a race against the clock, 3 teams of students compete to plan, design and construct a sign for NASCAR driver Kurt Busch's auto body shop! They will be pushed to their limits and have to present and defend their designs to an expert panel of judges. Which team will be crowned the winner?

  • Video Run time: 23-43 mins 

3. Inspirational Industry Shorts:
Be inspired by stories of real life people who have launched rewarding career pathways. What inspired them? How did they get their start? What can we learn from their life journey?
  • Video Run time: 2-7 mins


2.  Navigators: Navigate careers as industry leaders share an overview of their career, talk about the tools, equipment, skills and processes they use, and how STEAM and Soft Skills come alive on-the-job:

  • Video Run time: 3 mins
  • Includes assignable pre and post video activities and a lesson plan!


3. Potholes:  Don't make the same mistakes as others! This series features real life stories of employees who failed to make good decisions and describes how their choices negatively impacted their co-workers and careers. Learn how you can avoid hitting those same potholes:

  • Video Run time: 2-3 mins
  • Includes assignable pre and post video activities and a lesson plan!


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