For American Grades 11-12 Educators

Edge Factor has videos, activities and lesson plans created for Grades 11-12 Educators to share with students! See our recommended content created for you in the list below.

Top Recommended content for you:


1. Careers of the Future: How are emerging and disruptive technologies, like AI, Industry 4.0, and Robotics impacting industries? This series highlights people in companies describing how advanced technologies are impacting their industry - giving a glimpse into where we've been, where we are today, and where we will be in the future, as technology redefines future careers :

  • Run time: 3 mins

2.The Edge Factor Show: From the moment the beat drops and the images flash, the award winning films, TV episodes, and short stories in the Edge Factor Show series grab your attention and your heart strings. Each episode is a tapestry of inspiring stories, signature cinematography, and innovation that lights up the screen and sparks the imagination of viewers:

  • Run time: 15-35 min

3. Keynote Presentations: Ensure your audience is inspired, entertained and educated on key subject matters with Edge Factor's Keynote Presentations! Each Keynote features a Thought Leader presenting life lessons learned from characters filmed in Edge Factor stories and media:

  •  Run time: 20 mins


4. Industry Overviews: Introduce students to what it’s like to work in each industry! These videos help students understand what each industry looks like in today’s modern world, and how they impact our lives:

  •  Run time: 2 mins

5. Career Profiles: Explore what a "day in the life" looks like in diverse career pathways! Edge Factor has created a robust library of Career Profile videos that highlight typical responsibilities and show how tools, STEAM, and Soft Skills are used on-the-job:

  •  Run time: 1-2 mins
  • Includes assignable activity!

6. Virtual Workplace Experiences: Go behind closed doors to experience walk-and-talk tours of companies across every industry. These virtual field trips provide an authentic look at diverse work environments, careers, tools and equipment, soft skills, and more:

  • Run time: 10-15 minutes
  • Includes assignable pre and post video activities and a lesson plan!

7. Education Pathways:  Hands-on means minds-on! Discover incredible training programs and apprenticeships that will equip students with real skills for the real world:

  • Run time: 2-3 mins


8. Employability Skills:  This Success Factor series covers topics like communication, teamwork, leadership, problem solving, and much more. This series is hard-hitting, but takes a comedic, storytelling approach to teach students how to embrace employability skills:

  •  Run time: 1-3 mins
  • Includes assignable activity!

9. Financial Freedom: Equip students to understand and manage their finances with this engaging 9 Unit series on Financial Literacy! Each unit contains 2-4 videos and a Lesson Plan:

  •   Run time: 2-3 mins

10.Soft Skills On The Job: These plug-and-play videos feature industry professionals sharing specific insights and examples of soft skills that are important to their career and/or industry:

  •  Run time: 2 mins


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