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What are the technical requirements?

Learn about the infrastructure that your school will need to support and access the Edge Factor platform.

Technical Requirements

To access the Edge Factor platform your school(s) will need:

  • A device that has access to the internet (i.e. laptop, desktop, tablet, phone...);
  • A high speed internet connection (download speeds of 5 Mbps or faster). If you are unsure on how fast your internet speed is, you can test the speed of your internet connection at https://speedtest.net;
  • And an internet browser (any browser will work but we strongly recommend Chrome or Firefox). Please do not use Internet Explorer!
  • Keep in mind that a VPN, browser extension, add-on, or plugin may affect the functionality of the platform. To determine if a problem is related to your browser, try the same actions in a different browser.

    There is no software to install so there are no hard drive, operating system, RAM, or other requirements.

Server Requirements

There are no server requirements. All user records are stored on the cloud in the country of origin. This means that if your school is in Toronto, ON your personal information will only be stored on servers in Canada.


If you use Clever, D2L|Brightspace, or Google you can set up a single sign-on for your school.


Questions? Please feel free to reach out to us on Live Chat or email our support and onboarding team at support@edgefactor.com!