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FAQ: Why do I see a "Locked Content" message?

If the Edge Factor video or tool you are trying to access asks you to "create a free account" or has a lock icon beside it could be that...

1. You aren't logged in.

It's possible you were inactive for a while and were automatically logged out of the platform. This is intentionally done to protect your personal information in the event that you forget to log out of a school computer. 

Please try logging in. Then try accessing the content again.

2. You only signed up for a "free" user account.

While we have several free experiences and while we make resources available for free to students, most of the content is only available to schools with a paid Edge Factor membership.

3. You aren't "enrolled" as an educator or student at your school.

You should see the name of your district or school beneath your name in the top right corner. If you don't it's likely that you aren't "enrolled" as an educator or student at your school...

  Org Name

Educators:  If you know that your school or district has a paid membership, ask your school administrator to provide you with a Quick Account Code. When entered, this code will enrol you as an educator at your school.

Students:  It's possible that your teacher hasn't added you to their Edge Factor class. We recommend you share this article with them. 

4. Your membership may have expired.

It could be that your school or district's membership has expired. If you are logged into the Edge Factor platform, click on the gear icon in the yellow nav bar, then click "My Account" and select "Products". If you don't have access to a membership, or it has expired, please contact sales@edgefactor.com and we will be in touch shortly.