How to bulk upload users

Learn how to quickly upload your educators and students to the Edge Factor platform!

1. Go to Users

Select "Users" in the left navigation bar.
Users Tab

2. Select the Bulk Upload tab

Once the page loads, select the "Bulk Upload" tab.

Note, you have to be an Account Administrator to bulk upload users.


3. Follow the instructions on screen

Download the template and list the educators or students that you want to bulk upload. When you are finished, email your the file to Let us know what school you are with and we'll bulk upload these users. We will email you back with instructions on how these users can get started!


  • We recommend you use the users email address as their username. This saves people having to remember yet another unique username.
  • If you are uploading educators you can leave the grade field blank. If you are uploading students, having the grade makes it easier to find and filter students.