How to assign an entire row of content

If your school has a membership you can assign an entire row of content to your students.

If you signed into Edge Factor using a QuickStart link (you are an anonymous teacher), you can click here to learn how to share content with your students.

1. Begin by finding content to assign to your students

    While browsing you may find a row of content that you want to assign to your class. Begin by clicking the "Assign All" button.
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Click here to learn how to assign individual items to students.

2.  Choose which students you want to assign the content to 

Select the class you would like to assign the content to. If you have not created a class you can select "New Class" and create a new class first.

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Learn how to add students to a class by clicking here.

3.  Select where you want to assign this content  

You can add this content to an existing assignment or create a brand new assignment. 

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Once finished you'll receive a messaging notifying you that you've successfully assigned the content to your students. At this point you can continue browsing the site and assign more content to your students or you can view the assignment that you have just added content to.

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4.  Modifying an Assignment

At any point you can modify an assignment you've created by clicking on "Classroom" in the sidebar on the right. Here you can change the due date, hide certain "sub assets" (i.e. assign the video but not the quiz), or delete the assignment entirely.  
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5.  Notifying Your Students  

Your students will be automatically notified whenever new content has been assigned to them!

Learn how to view student progress and review work they've submitted, click here